Quick Resume Tips!


• Do make sure your resume is absolutely perfect in spelling and grammar, and that it is easy to read.
• Do write only what enhances your attractiveness.
• Do be truthful! (Perhaps 25 percent of resumes contain false information.)
• Do prepare a separate resume for each job. Use the language of your proposed employer.
• Do be concise. More than one page is ok, but make all of your entries useful.
• Do stress your accomplishments and the skills you have demonstrated.
• Do write in brief, powerful phrases (not sentences), using past tense action verbs to begin statements (not pronouns “I” or “we”).
• Do attach a cover letter if you mail the resume.


• Don’t write anything that detracts from your attractiveness as an applicant.
• Don’t include your salary history or reasons for leaving a previous job.
• Don’t say at the top that this is a resume. If they don’t know what it is, you don’t want to work there.
• Don’t say “references available on request.” It’s assumed.
• Don’t include a photograph. They may not like your looks. Give them a chance to get to know you and they’ll overlook your looks.
• Don’t stretch the truth. Embellishment by using grand language is one thing, but falsifications are something else.
• Don’t mention hobbies, activities and religious affiliations that are not job related, or have no application to your career goals or objectives.

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