The Final Check of Your Resume

Read your completed resume carefully.  Use spell check and have others spell check it, too.  Frequently!  Many typos manage to escape detection.  Ask others to critique it.  You don’t necessarily need to pay attention to what they say—it’s your resume—but you might find something of interest to you.

Ask others to answer these questions:

  1. Is it attractive and does it appear easy to read?
  2. Is it neat with white areas?  Is the type clear?  Are special fonts and highlights overdone or distracting?
  3. Can the same information be stated more succinctly?  Are there any repetitions?
  4. Is everything that is stated relevant to this particular job?
  5. Do your attributes and characteristics stand out, or do they get lost among extraneous material?
  6. Have you avoided personal pronouns and used past tense active verbs in short, meaningful phrases?
  7. Have you given specific information about experiences?  Have you quantified where you can to show past successes?  Any generalities you can specify or eliminate?
  8. Have you emphasized your skills and accomplishments, and not reiterated what you should have/could have done?
  9. Have you included everything you can think of that is important?  Is everything you have said factually true?
  10. Does your resume make you so interesting that the employer will be compelled to ask you to come in for an interview?
  11. Omit personal information that by reason of law an employer is not to use in a hiring decision: age, ethnic origin, height/weight, marital status, religious preference, and photograph.
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