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Two Great Jobs!

September 24, 2009

Here are two great jobs that we’d like to highlight. Further information about each can be found on the job board at

Teach Martial Arts to Kids through ASE Enrichment:

Teach elementary school age children a safe and friendly introduction to non-combative martial arts techniques. Help students develop the life skills of self-confidence, courtesy, respect, goal setting and leadership through Taekwondo or Karate moves. $20-$30/class depending on ability and experience. Must have experience teaching martial arts to children. Email Jeanne at or call 661 298-7703. Visit their website at to view other possible subjects to teach and to see what ASE Enrichment is all about!

Full Time Youth and Sports Outreach Pastor:

The Evangelical Free Church of Chico, California, is looking for a full time Youth and Sports Outreach Pastor.  Some of the responsibilities include conducting a family-based Youth Ministry, involving parents and adults, overseeing  lay people, teaching and leading junior high student ministry, and discipling youth and leaders of youth ministries. Applicants should have a BA or Master’s Degree and 3-5 years experience leading a youth group of 30-plus students. Some of the compensation includes salary from $48-52k (depending on education and experience) and a Self Insured Dental Plan.  To apply, send your resume and a picture to or mail to Evangelical Free Church of Chico, 1193 Filbert Ave., Chico, CA 95926  Attention: Dr. Lou Diaz, Lead Pastor.


Perfect Your ‘Why Hire Me Speech’ for Interview Success

September 21, 2009

Another fine article from the Wall Street Journal. It’s addressed to tenured employees going back into the job market, but it’s applicable to everyone. Read. Learn. Apply!

Jumping Back Into the Interview Process

Best Way to a Job with Google!!

September 21, 2009

Just solve this. But so far, no one at MIT has been able to.

Google is Searching for Beautiful Minds…

Reinvent Yourself

September 18, 2009

Seeking job security?  Unfortunately, you won’t find it in this life. More and more workers are finding very few or no opportunities in their chosen career. When this happens, you can either sit around and mope or you can invent a whole new career.  The following article discusses how several once highly-paid professionals found success in a whole new realm.

Where Are They Going?

Sign of the Week

September 16, 2009

Something a little (a lot?) on the light side, just for amusement.  Russian language?  Are things so bad in Russia that people are walking off of steeples?


Jobs/Internships for Business/Finance Majors

September 14, 2009

The Career Guy heard today from TMC graduate Trevor Hayes (Business 2008) inviting students and alumni to contact him about openings with Wedbush Morgan Securities.

While some of the positions are in higher level Wedbushmanagement, there are some entry level positions, as well as summer internships.

Interested students or graduates please contact the Career Guy for Trevor’s email and phone.  The Wedbush website is here:  Wedbush Morgan Securities.

BTW, Trevor is in his final days as a single fella, being engaged to the lovely and delightful Marina Borscevscaia.  (Just when the Career Guy got able to both pronounce and spell her last name…)

Are Job-Posting Sites Out of Date Already??

September 14, 2009

“What we are doing is what job boards did to newspapers,” says Ryan Caldwell, the CEO of EnticeLabs, the company behind TalentSeekr.

Seeking to find the highest-quality talent at the least cost, major companies are experimenting with a service that promotes employment vacancies through online ads. TalentSeekr is essentially an ad network for jobs. Companies fill out what jobs they are trying to fill in what locations, then TalentSeekr creats and tests multiple ads across the Web–social networks, blogs, forums, search engines–you name it. Based on the response rate and quality of the applicants that come through the ads, TalentSeekr optimizes the mix of at types. If more qualified applicants are coming i through LinkedIn than Facebook, it readjusts the mix.

There are several messages to young job seekers here. Classified newspaper ads for jobs died years ago. Now job boards are losing their appeal. LinkedIn and Twitter have gained in popularity. But it’s looking like just spending time online in your favorite websites could be valuable sources for employment opportunities.

Amazing how things change.  Adapt or die.  (Well, maybe not die, but be unemployed longer?)

Anyone interested can follow this link: Job Boards Are So Over.