Your New Job Just a ‘Tweet’ Away!

twitterMore companies are tweeting for hires.

As online job board have grown crowded amid the recession, many big companies, including Microsoft, Verizon, Raytheon and MTV, now list job openings on the Twitter microblogging site.

For employers, Twitter—where users post updates, or “tweets,” of no more than 140 characters—offers one more way to find and attract candidates, and a cheaper alternative to big online job boards. It also helps companies target social-media-savvy job hunters and convey an innovative image. For job seekers, Twitter offers the chance to interact one-on-one with companies’ recruiters and can be more convenient than job boards.

But be careful what you tweet or post in online media!  Recently a follower of Verizon’s jobs feed tweeted to the company something along the lines of, “Hey dude, you got any jobs in California?” says Mr. Zulfiqar.  That didn’t impress anyone at Verizon.

Read the whole article by Sarah Needleman of the Wall Street Journal here: Your New Job Just a ‘Tweet’ Away!

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