Great Career Opportunities for Business/IT Majors

TMC graduate Andy Wallace (2008) invites Business and Computer Science/IT majors to join him at the Boeing Company. Andy reports the following on the Information Systems Career Foundation Program.

This program hires on new college grads each year in June after most schools have ended for the year, and places them in a rotational program where they can learn and develop their new skills, as well as contribute back to the company.

I highly recommend this opportunity among many others here at Boeing. Specifically, the IS Career Foundation Program—or ISCFP—is looking for those with a Business Degree with Information Systems Emphasis, or a Computer & Information Science degree with any emphasis. Others are be accepted as well with the focus of the program on IS and IT in general.

The ISCFP is hiring now (positions starting June 2010) and more jobs are listed here at

This is a full-time salaried position and participants can work for Boeing from Southern California, Saint Louis, or the greater Seattle area in Washington.

Click the photo for a full sized view of the announcement.boeing

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