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Email Etiquette

October 29, 2009

“We have all become so accustomed to communicating by email or facebook or text messaging that the common writing courtesies seem obsolete.  Believe me when I say that those common courtesies may make the difference as to whether or not you are considered for an interview.  It may not seem important to you but it IS important to your prospective employer.

Whenever you make contact with a prospective employer, you must be professional and consistent.  A poor choice of words on an email or a bad attitude could get you eliminated from interview consideration.  Think of every contact as a mini-interview or application. ~ be prepared.

Use a professional email address ~ You can set up a free address at Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail or another free email provider for the purpose of job hunting.  Something like will make a good impression.

Format every email like a formal letter ~ Start with the date and the FULL name of the person you are addressing.  Be polite and professional.   Do not use slang, abbreviations or a casual tone.   For example, when saying “for you”, do not say “4 u”.  Those shortcuts used to make text messaging easy will not be appreciated by the prospective employer.

Carefully proofread every email for spelling and grammar ~ I know that you have heard his before yet, it keeps happening, to the best of candidates.  Spell-check will not find words that are spelled correctly but used inappropriately such as “there” and “their” or find typographical errors  such as “sit” when you meant “fit” because they really are not misspelled words.

Before you hit send, double check your email; re-read it for content and grammatical errors.  It is tough enough right now to be selected for an interview when you do everything right.  Try not to be eliminated by making such catchable and correctable errors.”


Written by Diane Skullr, Managing Director at Infoployment, a Job Search and Interview Strategies Company.


The Obvious Interview Question

October 29, 2009

When going into an interview, it is very important to intimately know the company. An interviewer can ask a multitude of questions that will determine if you have done your homework or not. One of these common questions is this: “Why are you interested in this company?” Andrea Rice, a respected career blogger says that people generally make one of these two classic mistakes;

“1)    They give generic answers that communicate I haven’t done my homework and don’t know how you differ from your competition; and

2)    They don’t tie the differentiating features about the company to their own strengths or interests.”

She gives two different examples of answering this question, one generic, and the other a solid answer.

“Karen; “Widget Inc. is an exciting emerging leader in the industry. The company attracts really sharp people and has a great reputation for its employee development and culture. I’m sure I would learn a lot at Widget and could make a valuable contribution.

Julia; “I’ve been following Widget Inc for the past 3 years since I first used the company’s product after seeing an ad. Even though the brand wasn’t as well established then, the product was so much faster and more intuitive for a user. I told my friends, and clearly others told theirs. It’s not surprising to me that the company’s market share has doubled to 28% in the past 2 years and international expansion efforts are underway. As you see on my resume, I’ve had multiple opportunities to develop and demonstrate my sales skills in various initiatives over the last few years. I believe I could immediately put those skills to use at Widget.”

Whether you are asked this specific question or not, it is imperative that you communicate accurately your interest in the company without generic, cliche answers.

For Andrea Rice’s full blog post on this subject click here.

Vision of Hope Internship

October 15, 2009

Do you have a heart for young women who are struggling and looking for answers from God’s word in tackling life dominating sins? Do you have a desire to increase your skills in working with challenging young women from a Biblical point of view?

An internship at Vision of Hope might be just what’s best to help you gain the skills you’ll need to get an awesome job in this ministry area in the future! Interning at Vision of Hope will give you an edge in this career field and will give you valuable experience and possibly even college credit.

Vision of Hope Residential Treatment Center is a rehabilitation center located in Lafayette, IN associated with Faith Baptist Church working with girls between the ages of 14-28 struggling with unplanned pregnancies, drug/alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and habits of self-harm.  The ministry of Vision of Hope is Christ-centered, Bible based, and individualized to meet the needs of each girl participating in the program.  The program is highly structured in a loving home-like environment.

For more information please contact Tori Shirk at Call (765)447-5900 for more info or visit

Only women are eligible for internships. We prefer experience or education in the Biblical Counseling Field. Free housing and meals are included in the On-Site Intern position package. Off-Site Internships are available as well. All internships are unpaid.

Sales Opportunities

October 14, 2009

TMC graduate Robert Short is employed by HBW Insurance and Financial Services, and finds them to be a reputable company with good potential for the right person.

He reports they have an excellent training program, and are willing to spend time helping developing staff, even on a part time basis.  The company website is

For anyone considering the possibility of a career in sales, even part time, Robert can be a valuable resource. See the Career Guy for Robert’s contact information.

Best Eatery Around!

October 14, 2009

sign10b_1470447iYeah, sure.  Take the whole family!

2009 Grad School & Seminary Fair!

October 6, 2009

TMC Annual Event!

Thursday, October 15, 2009
10:30 am to 2:00 pm (approximately)
Main Campus Lawn

Attending Seminaries:
Dallas, Southwest Baptist, Northwest Baptist &
The Master’s Seminary

Graduate Programs in:
Law, Business, Education, TESOL, Linguistics, Government, Cross Cultural, Missions, Fashion & Design, Community Development, International Care, Allied Health, Medicine/Dentistry//Pharmacy/Nursing Kinesiology, English, & The Master’s College Teacher Ed, MABS & MABC

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your options for after you graduate! For more information, contact Career Services!

Civil Disobedience

October 3, 2009