cweeAn internship is an academic program in which the student, employer and college cooperate to combine study and practical work experience to prove and develop students’ marketable skills and prepare them for a career.  Surveys continually show that students who have participated in an internship know what they want and are better prepared for a career.  Many internships result in the graduate being hired by the company that sponsored their internship.coc

Master’s College students are eligible to participate in the Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) program at the College of the Canyons. COC is among the largest, and most successful community colleges in the state of California, and their internship program draws hundreds of local employers.

This program is guided by the California State Department of Education, and there are a few rules for participation:

    1. Participation is limited to California residents only.
    2. Students may apply for up to 3 internships at one time.
    3. Students selected for an internship must enroll as a student at College of the Canyons.
    4. Participating students must complete a 1 1/2 hour orientation meeting and sign a Hold Harmless agreement.

      The main website for CWEE is

      The website for searching internships is

      The process is:

      1. Search and apply for an internship.
      2. COC staff review and forward your application to the employer.
      3. If interested, the employer contacts you and sets up an interview.
      4. If selected for the internship, you then enroll as a student at COC.  Some fees are involved.

      Internships may be paid or unpaid. Credit units earned may or may not be transferable to TMC.  Check with the TMC Registrar if this is a concern. Students MUST enroll as a student at COC and complete all required forms prior to starting the internship. Failure to do so is a serious violation.

      For more information, visit the Career Office at TMC.

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