25 Oddball Interview Questions

The CareerGuy is often asked about interview questions.  He has about 150 typical examples in the office (available for review!).  He came across this unique report from Glassdoor.com entitled Top Oddball Questions of 2009 based on applicant reports.

They include:

1. What was your best McGuyver moment?
4. How would you move Mount Fuji?
6. Are your parents disappointed with your career aspirations?
9. If I put you in a sealed room with a phone that had no dial tone, how would you fix it?

The article contains a description of the interview process and how/when the question came up. One comment was that the formal interview started late in the evening, after a dinner/cocktail period where applicants were allowed to drink as much as they wanted. Think about that one…

The article makes for interesting reading, and might get your thought processes flowing, for the occasion you really want to make an impression on a top-quality employer.

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