Once again, networking is key to success!

According to one recent study, in 2009 more than half of all job openings were filled by workers already employed in the business. Of outside hires, most came through personal referrals.

“What the findings indicate, says Mark Mehler, co-founder of CareerXroads, is that networking is the most effective strategy for landing employment. “Job seekers should use job board and corporate sites to find information about openings, but they should use their network to apply,” says Mark Mehler, co-founder of CareerXroads.”

What this means is first, develop and use a network! The Career Guy points TMC students and grads to the Online Alumni Community, LinkedIn, and your local circle of friends and associates. Almost 1100 TMC students and graduates are now in LinkedIn, many of them in key positions or with contacts in key positions.

Also, consider taking a lower-paying job or one with fewer responsibilities than you might desire, as this survey shows that you have a good chance of moving up once you get in. Read the brief article:

Internal Hires, Referrals Were Most Hired in 2009

Career Guy is available for all manner of career direction and helps for TMC students, graduates, families and friends of TMC.

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2 Comments on “Once again, networking is key to success!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    It’s true about internal hiring; I’m a part of a big company that doesn’t formally list the job openings, but usually goes after friends of friends to bring them in. Also, the way my company found me was through LinkedIn, because I had listed some specific experience on my page that the I.T. Manager wanted, and at the time my page was connected to a friend from Master’s already working at the company.

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