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How to Break the Tie

October 28, 2010

Are you finding yourself frustrated by always being the runner-up for positions after interviewing? Take this expert’s tips and questionnaire to heart to help you evaluate your performance and improve. Land the job by being authentic and demonstrating dependability with examples.

I quit!! (What to say and how to say it.)

October 15, 2010

The blog has been silent for quite awhile.  Sorry about that, to anyone who is a regular reader.  Been busy training new staff, and counseling the newbie students.  Here’s an item Career Guy came across that might prove useful to some of you one of these days.  It’s an article entitled “How to write a resignation letter” and it comes from the online Wall Street Journal.  Bottom line–fewer words; less is more (Proverbs 10:19!)

What Should You Include in a Resignation Letter?