Job Seekers: Check Your Online Presence!!

Last weekend I was conducting a workshop on job search skills for college graduates. The audience was great… they listened, asked good questions and even laughed when I thought I was being funny. One thing became very clear: college students and recent graduates, although (very) frequent users of social media sites, do not realize the impact of what they put online.

Recent surveys have reported that over 70% of American hiring managers DO check to see what job candidates put online and job offers are rescinded if they don’t like what they see.


  • An email address should be a professional one and your name and cell phone number should be included in the signature line.  Be very careful what you put in an email: the “e” in email stands for evidence and everlasting.
  • Facebook accounts including the profile need to be clean!  Remove anything that a grandmother would not mind seeing. Adding the privacy settings are not enough: you need to make sure that the people you are connected to have your best interests at heart. I was just friended by someone who has over 1,600 “friends”.  I don’t know if anyone has 1,600 people they can truly trust
    in their lives.
  • On to Twitter. Do not tweet that you were late for work or that you hate your boss… it will be seen.  Do not tweet anything that will make you look less than professional.

Be sure that any blogging is done in good taste. The grandmother standard is a good one to use here as well.

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