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Hard time in your job search? Time to get tough with these stragety tips.

August 2, 2011

If you have been making no traction in your job search, it’s time to get serious. As this article says, make looking for a job your job until you succeed.

From–The SavvyIntern:

1 ) Appoint a Job Search ‘Buddy’
2 ) Number of Articles to Be Read Weekly
3 ) Number of Networking Events to Be Attended Weekly
4 ) Number of Educational Events to Go to Monthly
5 ) Number of Volunteer Hours Per Month
6 ) Number of Member Organizations To Belong To
7 ) Number of Informational Interviews Per Week
8 ) Number of Friends To Talk To Per Week
9 ) Follow Up On Sent Applications
10 ) Focus Your Resume on Key Themes

Read the entire article. Good advice, great wisdom!

10 Bullet-Proof Job (and Internship) Search Strategy Tips