“Well, that’s all the questions that I have for you today, do you have any questions for me?”

At the end of every interview I have ever been in, the question above is always asked in some variation or another. Here is  list of great questions to ask during an interview that will show not only your intelligence and competency but also your knowledge of the employer.

  1. Could you describe what a typical day at this position would be like?
  2. What did the previous employee at this position go on to do?
  3. What do you like best about working for this company? Worst?
  4. Is there any training provided, and which industry books do you recommend I read to help me excel at this position?
  5. Who would you say are the the company’s biggest competitors and why?
  6. How and with whom will my performance be evaluated?
  7. Are there any opportunities for advancement in the future?
  8. When can I expect to hear from you?
  9. Could you describe the ideal candidate for this position?
  10. Do you have any reservations about me or my qualifications for this position?

Personally, I aim to ask 2-5 questions at the end of the interview. So as part of my interview prep, I gather a list of about 8 possible questions to ask and memorize them. A lot of the time, most of my questions are answered during the interview, which is why question #10 is always my go to question and personal favorite.

Make sure when you ask questions at the end of the interview that you choose a question that you really are interested in hearing the answer. Never ask a question just for the sake of asking and because you believe it is what you are supposed to do.

Read the entire article. Good advice, great wisdom!

10 Great Questions to Ask During an Interview

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