Top 5 Proactive and Unique Job Interview Strategies

It can be overwhelming to think about how much work it actually entails to find a job in today’s web 2.0 world. If you are very serious about it, you have likely educated yourself in all the various facets of a job search and become well-equipped to go out and tackle the task. But, so have many others. Once a company narrows down the candidate pool to a group of people they want to meet, and you are one of them, it’s time to start thinking about your next steps. Only one person can be chosen in the end. When all things are equal, what makes you stand out?

Finding strategic and creative ways to land job interviews is half the battle. Once you are chosen for an interview, it’s not always going to be enough to arrive early, smile at the right times, answer the questions properly, ask the right questions, and then conduct all the proper follow-up tasks. Chances are you are going up against other candidates who will also be doing those same things. Now is the time to go that extra mile.

The best proactive strategies are somewhat subtle in nature and just flow with the rest of the process. The following are the top five strategies 80% of candidates do not utilize:    

1. Confirm your interview.

2. Develop a rapport with the people who interview you.

3. Ask if you can have a tour of the office/building/plant, etc.

4. Make it clear you are interested in the job and the company and not “what’s in it for me?”

5. Send personalized thank you letters to every person who was in the interview.

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