Gen Y: Entrepreneurs While Still In College

I’ll admit it, starting my own business is something that is definitely appealing to me. Being my own boss, building an empire, and creating my own hours? Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me! After reading an article on U.S. News, I believe that many college students would agree with what I have to say.
Courtney Rubin, a writer for U.S. News, posted an article recently about college students starting their own businesses. This was intriguing for me, because I am not only interested in creating my own company, but also I know many people in Generation Y are fascinated in the same thing.
The article itself shares many stories of different successful entrepreneurs that are still in college. Not only are they sharing their accomplishments, but they are letting others know the consequences of trying to make it on their own. There were some major highlights to take from this article, and here’s what they are:

1. You do not need a website to make it big. For instance, starting a tutoring company could possibly lead you in the right direction, and you don’t even have to have a website… just some fliers.

2. Grades may start to slip due to increase in business. Many of the entrepreneurs in the article stated that their business became more of a priority than school, so therefore they saw that they started to slack in classes.

3. Real life experience is more intriguing than sitting in a classroom. These college students said that they were learning more from starting their own business, than from attending courses at their university.

4. Don’t wait to make a move, start today. While you’re in college you have very little responsibilities, so there is no better time than the present to start making moves. Have an idea for a company? You may regret not taking action on it in the future, so go for it!
To read more about these college students and their success stories, go to: Start Your Own Business In College. Who knows, maybe that will spark your imagination and help you create your dream company. This article absolutely gave me some inspiration!

Do you know anyone that started their own business while in college? What advice would you give to Generation Y trying to become young entrepreneurs?

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