How To Use Google In Your Job Search-via Come Recommended by Kate D’Amico on 10/17/11

The Internet has revolutionized the job search in countless ways — recruiters can find you online (see here, here, and here for more info on that), and job searchers can find postings online. The importance of social networking is apparent, but how can plain old Google — a seemingly “age old” technology on the Web — aid you in your job search? Robert Pagliarini writes for CBS Money Watch on how to use Google to get a job. Pagliarini is an expert on maximizing free time, and has authored No. 1 bestseller “Six-Day Financial Makeover” as well as “The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose.” He has also appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, 20/20, and more. 

Pagliarini cites a trend from Google Search that indicates that more people are searching for jobs online; specifically, the use of search term “job interview” has increased 30% since 2009. Here are some of Pagliarini’s tips for using the number one search engine:

  • Use Google Finance to review a company’s financial status and performance

Enter the company’s name in the search bar and you’ll find its stock price, competitor’s stock prices, recent news, and more.

Some channels (Pagliarini cites DenhamResources and smartsselling) offer resume and career advice for job seekers.

  • Get to know your interviewer

Use Google to search the person who will be interviewing you; see if they’ve been published, spoken recently at an event, or even if they’re on LinkedIn. Use these details to impress at your interview and could distinguish you from other candidates.

For Pagliarini’s other tips on using Google for your job search, see here. It’s always helpful to research the company before applying and interviewing, but there are a million other ways Google can help you besides just research.

How do you use Google to prepare for your job search? What do you think of these ideas? Share with us here!

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