Job Seekers: Get Social Now! via Come Recommended by Kate D’Amico on 4/20/12

It’s no secret that social media is an important part of your job search (see here, here and here). But how important is it? This infographic from says that companies are expecting to recruit online for more than 80% of their job openings. That’s a lot of online recruiting!

Some other statistics to note:

What networks are recruiters using?

  • 98% use LinkedIn
  • 42% use Twitter
  • 33% use Facebook
  • 19% use Twitter in conjunction to LinkedIn

What roles are recruiters looking to fill?

  • 39% looking to fill executive or upper management roles
  • 77% looking to fill other management roles
  • 36% looking to fill non-managerial hourly employees
  • 82% looking to fill non-managerial salaried roles

How are recruiters using social media?

  • 58% are sourcing applicants
  • 49% are posting job opportunities

Why do recruiters use social media?

  • 84% to recruit candidates who might not otherwise apply
  • 67% to save money
  • 54% to target a specific job level
  • 60% to increase the company’s brand recognition
  • 52% to target a specific skill set

How can you find a job using social media?

  • Make a good impression — people look at your profile for an average of less than 6 seconds
  • Use keywords in your social media profiles
  • Try other sites like,, and
  • Follow recruiters on Twitter; @electra, @Fishdogs, and @smheadhunter are good ones (so is @HeatherHuhman, founder of Come Recommended!)
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