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HOW TO: Get Hired By Google

January 25, 2012

A recent study showed that Google is the top company young workers want to work for (see 10 Companies Young Professionals Want To Work For). Many have heard about the exciting corporate culture at Google, from scooters to travel to and from meetings to massage chairs, volleyball courts, and yoga classes. So how do you get hired by Google?

The process isn’t easy, according to an infographic by Jobvine, a free job network based in South Africa. Google reviews every resume it receives, but only hires .01%-.04% of the one million resumes it receives every year!

The process is long, with many interviews in different forms and some out-of-the-box questions (“How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?” and “Why are manhole covers round?” as a few examples). Google also focuses on hiring based on ability over experience, and looks for talent rather than specific skill sets.

The good news is that Google’s hiring has steadily increased over the last 10 years, from 2,300 in 2002 to 28,800 in 2011. Plus, the top 10 salaries at Google range from a $143,000 to a whopping $241,000 per year!

Google is a great company to work for; this hiring process may be long, but the payoff is great.

Full Image can be read online:

How To Get Hired By Google



10 Job Search Tips that Take Less than One Minute

October 3, 2011

We recently received the following question from one of our members and wanted to share it with our readers.

We reached out to a community of career experts and asked for their advice. Here are the top 10 responses:

  1. Google yourself. Job seekers should take a few seconds to type their names into various search engines to ensure that the skeletons have stayed in their closets.
  2. Post a detailed “elevator pitch” on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. Phone a friend. We all have life-lines, but often we are hesitant to use them! Pick up the phone and call a friend who may have a connection that can help get your foot in the door.
  4. Write down a quote that inspires you, and put it up somewhere you look regularly. Inspiration will keep you focused and positive, which means you’ll be ready for that big interview when it comes.
  5. When you get an interview write a “Woowhoo!” on your job search success calendar to remind you that your efforts are paying off
  6. Identify what is most important to you – geographic location, industry or company. This will drive all your future decision on job opportunities.
  7. Hold yourself accountable. Tell someone (a friend, a coach, a family member) each week what you plan to do to move your job search forward that week. Saying it aloud to someone else and having them follow-up with you often results in increased productivity
  8. Scan the business section. A quick read of your local paper or news website’s business section can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your industry. You should know which companies have major projects in the works, which executives are moving up (or out) and how you could help a company with their next big move.
  9. Stay positive. No matter what your circumstances, be positive. No one cares about your sob story. It’s about the employer.
  10. Use spell check! Applying for a job is not the same as texting your friends. Use real words and actual sentences. If you don’t, it looks like you are too lazy to spell out words. Definitely not the impression you want to make.

Do you have ‘horizontal’ skills? You should.

January 17, 2011

The article is on “hot careers” but what we find is that careers are constantly changing.  Anyone in the career market must be skilled in their field, but also prepared to adapt their skills to meet other needs.  Sometimes you can move ‘up’ in your field; other times it will be necessary to move sideways.  That’s where ‘horizontal’ skills preparation comes in.

Read the article! Hot jobs and how do I train for them?

Teaching/Ministry Opportunity

April 7, 2010

The Career Office has become aware of opportunities for 2 teachers in the K-12 area at the Africa Bible College in the Republic of  Malawi, where TMC graduates Matt and Rachel Floreen are based. There is also the possibility that a local church would offer to support these two missions volunteers.

Anyone interested please contact Rick Wahler in the Career Office.

Teach in Hawaii

March 29, 2010

For the seventh consecutive year, The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) has partnered with to recruit outstanding special educators to teach in Hawaii.  They are currently in process of receiving applications and scheduling interviews for openings on islands throughout Hawaii.

Their goal is to fill 100 special education positions and, at the same time, share the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and their people.

The HIDOE offers contract positions with pay levels ranging from $32,713 to $57,243 depending upon the level of degree held (bachelors, masters or Ph.D./Ed.D.) and the number of years of teaching experience an applicant holds.   Relocation bonuses of up to $5,000 are available for special education personnel, depending on their geographic location.

For more information:


Phone:  (877) 812-4071 x73

Fax:  (443) 583-2635


Children’s Hunger Fund Jobs

March 15, 2010

Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) is an evangelical Christian non-profit organization founded in 1991. The mission of CHF is to alleviate the suffering of children by equipping God’s Church to communicate the Gospel through effective compassion ministry.
The Webmaster provides development, construction, maintenance, and support for all of Children’s Hunger Fund’s websites and online applications. This full-time, exempt position is located at corporate headquarters in Pacoima, CA, reports to the Creative Coordinator, and works closely with the Creative and Marketing Team. The compensation offered is $30,000-40,000 per year, and includes a generous benefit package (medical, dental, retirement, etc.). The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with extensive web design background, and strong literary and organizational skills.

For more information/qualifications, visit the Children’s Hunger Fund Employment Website.

Federal Aviation Administration Summer Jobs

March 4, 2010

Position Openings:
• Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant, FV-303-C
• Management Assistant, FV-344-D
• Management and Program Analyst, FV-343-F
• Engineering Technician, FV-802-F
Duty locations: FAA Headquarters, all regions, and centers and some field locations.
Eligibility: Applicant must be a student who meets all the following requirements:
• United States Citizen
• Enrolled or accepted in a half-time or full-time course schedule;
• Age 16 or older (by the closing date of the announcement); and
• Possess a grade point average of 2.0 or above on a scale of 4.0.
Appointment Type: Temporary appointment
Duration: Not to exceed 6 months (April through September)
Benefits: Students can earn sick and annual leave – depending on length of appointment
Work Schedules: Full-Time or Part-Time
How to Apply: FAA has an online employment application system called ASAP. All students must apply through the ASAP online system.
• Go to Career Opportunities
• Type the following words “Summer”, in the Keyword Search
Open an ASAP account and apply online.
• If you have additional questions contact the local Human Resource Management office