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Teach in Hawaii

March 29, 2010

For the seventh consecutive year, The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) has partnered with to recruit outstanding special educators to teach in Hawaii.  They are currently in process of receiving applications and scheduling interviews for openings on islands throughout Hawaii.

Their goal is to fill 100 special education positions and, at the same time, share the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and their people.

The HIDOE offers contract positions with pay levels ranging from $32,713 to $57,243 depending upon the level of degree held (bachelors, masters or Ph.D./Ed.D.) and the number of years of teaching experience an applicant holds.   Relocation bonuses of up to $5,000 are available for special education personnel, depending on their geographic location.

For more information:


Phone:  (877) 812-4071 x73

Fax:  (443) 583-2635



Christian College Law School Scholarship

November 18, 2009

In order to minister to graduates and employees from Christian colleges and universities, Trinity Law School is offering a scholarship worth 50% of the cost of tuition for the entire three-year law school degree. This is available to any graduate from a regionally-accredited Christian college or university that is a member of the North American Coalition for Christian Admission Professionals (, and meets the requirements for admission to Trinity’s regular JD program. Upon completion of this degree graduates will be qualified to take the California bar exam. This scholarship also applies to the immediate family members of the employees at these universities.

Trinity Law School teaches law from a biblical perspective. A biblically-based legal education helps students understand the law in a way that will make them more effective as attorneys working to free the oppressed, pursue the truth, and serve the Church.

You can Apply Online at

Trinity Law School
2200 North Grand Avenue | Santa Ana, CA 92705
800-922-4748 |