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Job Seeker Advice

February 2, 2010

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal by Sarah E. Needleman says,

“There’s been no shortage of warnings about the career dangers of posting racy content on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Yet many job hunters still don’t heed that advice, and others don’t realize they’re doing just as much damage by doing things like bending the truth or spamming their résumés. Recruiters say such faux-pas can result in immediate and lasting career damage.”

In this highly competitive job market, you should do all you can to make yourself presentable to prospective employers. Help yourself by avoiding common internet errors made by job seekers.

Read the full article here.


The Twitter Song

August 18, 2009

An amusing little anecdote on the value of Twitter and how you need to get on ASAP!  Interestingly, there is some truth to this ditty–many CEOs and executives are ‘tweeting’ and it’s possible to make some unique and valuable contacts using this service.

“Tweet now or forever hold your peace!”